SAFC’s CHOZN® Platform Offers In-House Cell Line System Alternative

Off the shelf platform cell line systems have become a sought after resource for many small to mid size biopharmaceutical producers that do not have an in-house platform to take advantage of. To meet this industry need, SAFC applied 25 years of media design experience to launch the CHOZN platform as the first commercially available glutamine synthetase (GS) knockout CHO line in April of 2012. The safety-tested platform comes with all cells, media and feed, as well as extensive user protocols to cover transfection through to scale up. Since its introduction, CHOZN has been proven to shorten bioproduction timelines in early development and enable quick evaluation of newly discovered molecules. The platform also provides historical scientific data on cell line behaviors from the past.

A recent article in Pharmabiz featured Kevin KayserDirector of Cell Sciences and Development, offering a deeper look into the platform that is powered by the CompoZr Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN).

SAFC has seen increasing demand for the CHOZN platform in the United States and Europe, and recently announced contracts in Asia licensing the CHOZN® platform to two leading Asian biopharmaceutical companies. Please click here to read the story.

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