SAFC at Informex 2012: The Roundup


It is hard to believe that Informex 2012 is already a month behind us. SAFC spent a productive week at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA with industry colleagues old and new. SAFC was not only an exhibitor and presenter at the show, but also took involvement one step further through a social media sponsorship that included sponsoring the Informex Networking Lounge. Over the three days in NOLA, the Lounge offered attendees with a place to meet, network and participate in social media.

As part of the Informex Networking Lounge features, two one hour speed networking sessions were hosted; one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Each of these sessions had at least 30 participants. This translates to each participant making a connection with 10 or more people within 45 minutes. As such, SAFC facilitated over 600 impromptu meetings in just one and a half hours. Very exciting stuff!

Throughout the show, the Informex Networking Lounge experienced exceptional foot traffic and the onsite hosts were consistently interacting with attendees. Some of the highlights of sponsoring the Lounge include pre-show and onsite activity, as follows:

–  Attendees were provided with pre-show and onsite education about how to connect and find leads in the chemical industry using social media.

–  Leading into the show, SAFC was able to communicate via the Informex LinkedIn group. This acted as a forum for organizing online discussions and communicating Informex activities out to attendees. Communication in this forum was supported via email distribution as well.

–  In conjunction with the Informex social media accounts, SAFC was able to reach more than 4,500 contacts directly.

Beyond the social media sponsorship, SAFC was also able to make an impact through onsite technical and industry presentations highlighting the new BioReliance acquisition, quality and safety in the industry, Rx-360 participation and a few of the unique technologies that SAFC is working on. Company executives also met directly with press to speak about SAFC and the greater pharma and chemicals industry. We have included some of the roundup reports and features from the show following:

Life Science Leader

Manufacturing Chemist

Pharmaceutical Technology

Overall, it was a productive week in NOLA where many new contacts were made, existing contacts were updated and a greater interest and awareness around SAFC activity was raised. Heading through 2012, SAFC is scheduled to participate in many global events including the upcoming CPhI Japan 2012 events in Tokyo, Japan. For a full line-up of SAFC activities in 2012, please visit the Events Calendar which feature event information with links to details about each event.

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